Access to Rafford woods and erection of fence around Blervie House



After establishment of the FCC in May 2016 the community council received a number of complaints from residents in Rafford regarding the erection of a 7-strand barbed wire fence around Blervie House.  Concerns were expressed about restrictions to footpaths in Rafford Woods and possible breaches of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act. Complaints were also received regarding the fencing along the B9010 which, because of its height, should have required planning approval.

The FCC lodged an official complaint with The Moray Council in September 2016 and received a response in October 2016.  Consideration was given to referring the issue to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman but after careful consideration the FCC decided not to pursue this line due to the potential legal costs involved for The Moray Council.



Correspondence relating to this issue is available below.

FCC letter of Complaint : fcc-letter-of-complaint-re-handling-of-blervie-house-access

TMC Response : tmc-complaint-investigation-response

FCC response to TMC : fcc-response-to-tmc-compaint-review-16112016



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