Meeting dates 2022

Meetings are again being held face to face, following a period of virtual meeting only during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Community Council Meeting dates 2022

Date                                                                                   Venue  

24 January 2022 virtual
07 March 2022 virtual
11 April 2022 Edinkillie Hall
23 May 2022 Rafford Church Hall
04 July 2022 Edinkillie Hall
15 August 2022 Rafford Church Hall
26 September 2022 Edinkillie Hall
07 November 2022 Rafford Church Hall
19 December 2022 Edinkillie Hall

As usual, all will start at 7:00pm.

All dates are provisional and subject to change. Final dates will be advertised on the FCC Facebook page not less than 7 days prior to the meeting.

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