Loch of Blairs – a place of beauty.

Treasured by users of all ages as a place to learn about, enjoy

and live with nature.

Project Aims & Objectives

The aim is to create something which is frequently used and cared for by the users, but maintains its quiet, natural, beauty. The loch is close enough to the town of Forres for it to be easily accessible, but is remote enough to make it feel like a special place to visit, even for locals.

The key objectives of the project are

  • The provision of recreational facilities to support the health & wellbeing of the community and visitors to the area by: –
    • Re-establishment of the loch as a trout fishery.
    • Extending the existing footpaths to create a circular walk which runs closer to the loch’s shoreline.
    • Installation of a number of small bird hides adjacent to the shoreline path.
  • The advancement of Education
    • Creation of an educational resource in the form of a “field study” centre available for use by local primary schools and the Forres Academy.
  • The advancement of environmental protection or improvement
    • Removal of non-native, invasive, species and the maintenance of the loch to support a balanced ecosystem and biodiversity.


Delivery of each of these objectives will be described in more detail below. The total costs for this project will certainly be in excess of £150k – a considerable amount of money that will require major support from funding bodies on top of the significant input of voluntary labour. The opportunity is, however, too great to ignore. If you feel you would like to help, either by voluntary work or with financial support,  please contact us at

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