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The Strategic Plan for the 2019 – 2023 has been developed, and it is available at

A new Development Trust for Finderne

After consultation with residents of Finderne the local Community Council has been in discussions with the developers of the Logie Windfarm, regarding a proposal to establish a local development entity to engage in projects that will deliver long term community benefits. The entity, to be called the Finderne Development Trust (FDT), will receive £138,000 per annum core funding from the wind farm developers, Hill of Glaschyle Renewables LLP.

Finderne Community Council (FCC) chairman, Brian Higgs, praised the wind farm developers on their decision to provide funds for the development trust:

“The Community Council carried out a consultation exercise at Edinkillie Hall a few months ago and received strong feedback that the wind farm benefit fund should be targeted at the long term development of the area. We took this feedback to the wind farm developers, with a proposal to establish a development trust, and we are delighted that they have taken such a long-sighted decision to support it.

Using the wind farm funds as core financing of the Development Trust will allow long term, strategic, projects to be developed which can attract additional funding from other sources. This decision is a massive statement from the developers that they wish to help put their shoulders behind a brighter long term future for the area.

The vision of the Finderne Development Trust will be to create a community of people, and place, which has a thriving rural based economy that promotes, protects and enhances the natural environment and quality of life for the benefit of both residents and visitors”.

Commenting on behalf of the developers, Alec Laing of Logie Estate said:

The developers are excited to be working with the FCC towards establishing the development trust. The aim is to create long term legacy projects, some of which will be income-generating and self-sustaining. The proceeds of these projects will flow back into the trust to fund further development in the community.

 People living in Finderne will be key in the process of bringing projects forward and prioritising them. Please get involved where you can to help guide the trust in the right direction for this community.

The exact makeup of the Trust, and its first detailed 5-year strategic plan, will be worked up over the next 6 months. This process will include further detailed community consultations to determine exactly what the long-term aspirations of residents are for the area.


For background information => Glaschyle wind farm community fund consultation

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