Current Topics

Topics which are currently ongoing are discussed as standing items in our Community Council meetings.

The current list of standing items is:

  1. Traffic Safety in Rafford
  2. Community Broadband
  3. Brocklock Field Development
  4. Windfarm Developments
  5. Joint Community Council report
  6. Resilience Planning
  7. Forres Health Services

Other items currently being addressed are:

  1. Pig farms in Rafford
  2. Community Consultation
  3. Edinkillie Cemetery car park
  4. Edinkillie road junction

Regular reports:

  1. Planning Report ( review of current planning applications in Finderne)
  2. Secretaries Report ( review of correspondence and administrative issues)
  3. Treasurers Report ( update on FCC financial position)

The current status of all these can be accessed in the Minutes of meetings.

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