Ramblers Scotland, in conjunction with Richard Lochhead MSP, have held a roundtable discussion at the Scottish Parliament. Present at the meeting where a number of interested groups and Andrew Thin, Chair, of the recently established Scottish Land Commission.

The full notes, and correspondence from Richard Lochhead MSP, can be viewed via the link below but one of the key issues discussed was around conflict resolution. As we know from local access issues the current conflict resolution process requires expensive legal proceedings at the Sheriff Court.

Whilst Local Access Forums (LAF) are in place, these are merely advisory bodies for the local authorities who have the responsibility for compliance with the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. LAFs are structured only to have a mediation function and mediation is only successful where both parties in conflict wish to find a mutually agreeable solution. Failure to mediate, under current procedures, leaves the courts as the only route to have a final adjudication and there is a considerable reluctance on the part of the local authorities to take this route due to the legal costs.

At the roundtable discussions the concept of introducing an “Access Tribunal” was raised. If established, this tribunal would be made up of people with experience of access issues and would have the power of “arbitration” on matters of access. Parallels were drawn with the Children’s Panel process which provides a critically important, and highly respected, step between mediation and legal action.

As a Community Council we strongly support this concept and have written back to Mr Lochhead MSP accordingly. The opportunity of referral to such a tribunal, without high legal costs, would allow local access issues to be brought to a proper conclusion.


Attached : Letter from Richard Lochhead MSP & notes of Roundtable meeting :  RL MSP re Access Rountable


As a new Community Council we are keen to develop our role as a voice for the people of Finderne. This will take time to achieve and a key part of the aspiration is developing an identity for the community council. With this is mind we enlisted the help of the pupils at Logie Primary School to design a logo for the council.

The P5-P7pupils set their creative skills to task and produced some wonderful designs for us.


We rapidly decided that the designs were so good that it would be a shame to simply choose one as a winner. They were all winners!

Instead we passed the kids logos on to a design professional and asked him to pull together elements from all of the ideas to create a logo which would truly represent our area.

We are absolutely delighted to present the new logo for the Finderne Community Council.


The logo reflects the beauty of the Finderne area with stunning woodlands and wildlife. Is that the River Divie, River Findhorn or perhaps the Den, Mosset or Rafford burn? You choose, we love them all!!

No doubting the imposing viaduct at Edinkillie with the Dava Way passing overhead providing wonderful opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

Agriculture, forestry and tourism are inherent in the design, as they are in the economic health of the area. The provenance of the past is symbolised by the distillery pagoda and the future highlighted by the wind power turbine.

Overall we believe the logo projects the spirit of Finderne – proud of it’s heritage, ambitious for it’s future.


As well as the logo the design has also allowed us to develop both a letterhead for our correspondence and a symbol for use in certain circumstances.






Our thanks to Jonnie Piper (son of Vice-Chair Chris) for developing the final logo and to the pupils of Logie Primary School for the wealth of ideas they gave us with their brilliant original designs.


Other than FCC members the first people to see the new logo were the pupils at Logie Primary School.  Brian Higgs (Chair) and Chris Piper (Vice-Chair) went along to the school to give the kids their exclusive preview.

As you can see from the photograph – we got a great response and a definite “thumbs up”.