Clash Gour wind farm – Background

Force 9 Energy are proposing a large windfarm development named Clash Gour which takes its name from a burn that runs from the Loch Noir/Loch Dallas areas east into the River Lossie.

The project proposes up to 63 new wind turbines, with tip heights between 135m and 175m, in the three distinct parcels of land to the southwest, north and east of the current Berry Burn windfarm, which was also developed by Force 9 Energy. The size of this proposed development is such that the planning process will be conducted at Scottish Government level rather than by the local authority, although the Moray Council will be a statutory consultee.

Please note that it is still very early in the planning and consultation process, and that the final number and location of turbines will be guided by the various technical and environmental assessments and importantly from the ongoing consultation, details of which are highlighted below.

The Finderne Community Council will be a statutory consultee in the planning process and we welcome feedback on the proposals to help us effectively represent the views of the local community. You can contact us on our email address and we would ask that you include “Clash Gour” in the subject matter line of the email.

Any information which we feel will be useful to you will be posted on this page and advertised through our Facebook page. Attached are maps showing the application boundaries and a cumulative impact map for all wind farms across the local area.

Boundary map: clash-gour-site-context-plan-03-03-17

Cumulative impact map:  clash-gour-cumulative-wind-farms-to-45km-03-03-17-r

Force 9 Energy held public sessions, with information boards and requests for initial feedback on the proposals ahead of the planning application, at locations in Moray during mid-March. The information boards can be accessed via the link below.

Info boards

More information on Force 9 Energy can be found on their website at

If you have any questions that you would like to put direct to Force 9, please contact Steven Park on

Tel:    01224 872254   Mobile:  07860294484



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