Footpath network extension & bird hides

New footpaths    

Currently the foot paths route away from the loch around its southern perimeter. Whilst the woodland walks are still pleasant, the total beauty of the loch is obscured and many opportunities for bird and other wildlife watching are lost. The plan would be to construct loch side footpath extensions over 3-4 years. Care will be taken to ensure that bird nesting is not adversely impacted by the new paths. In the longer-term the objective would be to link the Loch of Blairs walks with the Dava Way and the Sluie walks.

Bird hides


As the new paths become developed there will be the opportunity to install bird watching hides at strategic points around the loch. (see map opposite).

At this stage the concept is for simple, wooden shed type, hides which would be available to casual bird watchers and walkers. There is a possibility, however, that the hide on the eastern bank (between the boat house and the inlet lade, could be specially designed for use by Ornithologists with a particular interest in photographing Ospreys. The location is particularly good for early morning light (when the birds tend to feed) and purpose built floating fish pounds could be set up that would bring the feeding Osprey’s directly in front of the hide. Currently the nearest facility that provides this sort of photographic hide is at Aviemore and Blairs could provide a convenient alternative.

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